Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleeping is something almost everyone goes through. It is also called as paradoxical sleep as it happens 3 to 5 times during the person’s good night sleep. It is the 5th cycle of sleep and known for its nature to stimulate the main parts of the brain critical to retain memories and learning. It starts about ninety minutes after people fall asleep where they enter into the REM cycle. Many people online seek what REM stands for and think about how to get all the health benefits associated with this sleep.

Sleep and rest

As a beginner to the sleep related issues, you have to know the main difference between the sleep and rest. Rest is an important state of physical inactivity. Individuals stay motionless when they are at rest. The overall activities of the body are decreased during rest. There is no need to be sleeping when you are on rest. You can lie down on your mattress after a tiresome work and get rest. This rest is very important to help the body to recover from the exhaustion and achieve the relaxation state.

The role of the REM sleep

Individuals in a restful state can get to sleep with no complexity and delay. You can rest with your eyes closed and calm your mind devoid of going to sleep. You can take a nap and get all the benefits of keeping your body at rest for a short time. REM cycle accounts for usually 20 to 25% of the sleep cycle of adults and more than 50% of infant’s sleep. Almost every dream happens during the REM sleep. This sleep is helpful a lot to enhance learning, mood, and memory.  This sleep assists a lot to consolidate memories. The human brain is active when we are awake. Breathing can become irregular and fast in this phase of sleep.   

Consequences of the REM sleep 

You may like to know what REM stands for and think about how your body goes through changes. Our body and brain go through so many changes during the REM sleep. On the other hand, some of these changes are increased heart rate, rapid movement of the eyes, irregular and fast breathing, changes in the temperature of the body, increased blood pressure, increased oxygen consumption by the brain, sexual arousal in adults, and twitching of the face and limbs, and brain activity same as the activity while wake.   

A lack of REM sleep leads to adverse implications for the overall physique and mind. If you are unable to enter this REM sleep cycle, then you have much difficulty remembering what you were taught before falling asleep. REM sleep deprivation affects the overall cell proliferation in the brain’s part contributing to long-term memory. In infants, REM sleep is vital for brain development. This sleep stage is accountable for the neural stimulation required for developing the mature neural connections. The main consequences of a lack of REM sleep are reduced coping skills, migraines, and being overweight.