Taking a spin on the web, it’s easy to get lost for hours and hours browsing through tips on how to use designer wallpaper to decorate your home.

Today, wallpaper singapore is experiencing a moment of newfound success and you can easily buy decorative motifs suitable for any taste: vintage wallpaper, 3D wallpaper, upholstery that recalls the floral motifs of the seventies or that bears an imprint strongly contemporary, with a textured or fabric surface.

Wallpaper Choices

Among a thousand suggestions, different colors and moods, it is easy to get carried away and start dreaming of using wallpapersingapore everywhere in the house, transforming every wall into a sort of gigantic painting.

In this way, however, it is also easy to realize only after installation that the chosen paper is beautiful on the smartphone screen, but completely unsuitable for decorating the walls of your home!

Each model, in fact, implies potential and limits: it is essential to be able to recognize both in order to choose a coating that is really suitable for the home and that does not look like just a jumble of colors scattered on the wall.

Vintage wallpaper

The charm of the past also lives on in the wallpaper: vintage motifs are increasingly popular in recent years.However, it should be remembered that vintage is an extremely generic term, which can indifferently include the seventies coatings, as well as the noble damask motifs of past centuries.

How To Choose

The aesthetic result is certainly not equivalent! Similarly, seventies-style walls may appear elegant and full of personality in an environment designed ad hoc, but they hide pitfalls for those who are not experts in interior design.

At best you would end up with a vintage decor that you thought looked great with the wallcovering, only to realize that instead you managed to recreate a perfect copy of your grandmother’s hospice room.