The sequencing is normally utilized in molecular biology in order to study the genomes as well as the proteins they encode. The information getting by using sequencing enables the researchers to find the modifications in genes and also links with the phenotypes and diseases as well as find the possible drug objectives. Primarily, the DNA sequencing is a procedure that decides an order of the four nucleotides bases that include guanine, cytosine, thymine and adenine, which makes up a DNA molecule and also convey the essential genetic information. This based paired structure can builds a DNA sequence more appropriate to storage of the huge quantity of genetic information. For understanding the function and structure of a gene, it is very much essential to study its nucleotide sequence in detail.

Three fundamental major methods to DNA sequencing

  • DNA sequence for chain termination PCR- This DNA sequence of concentration is utilized as a pattern for the certain form of PCR known as sequence termination PCR
  • Volume partition by gel electrophoresis
  • Gel examination and purpose of DNA sequence

An overview of DNA sequencing

In DNA sequencing, the prepared reaction tubes are positioned into a sequencer machine. During this DNA sequencing, there is a reaction in annealing, sequencer, extension and denaturation happens at the same time. They are even using labeled nucleotides and the signals are produced during the recording of reactions. Also, the signals of extra every complementary nucleotide are recorded by this machine and then the data are transferred to a PC. When the complete DNA is sequenced, the result is saved into one different file format. The inbuilt software can be processed the information and also compared it with the existence information. Moreover, the sequence data is compared with any other available data by software to discover out the difference as well as other alteration available in a gene.

What kind of information you can get with DNA sequencing?
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