NIO is a Chinese multinational car manufacturer that specializes in electric vehicle design and production. It offers luxury electric cars that are smart and wired, enabling advancements in next-generation technology such as mobility, autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence. They provide consumers with robust, simple, and creative charging options, and other customer-centric service offerings, redefining the user experience.

Products and services

The EP9 Supercar, which was launched in 2016, was the first model. Combined with its elegant nature and powerful driving efficiency, the EP9 offers exceptional acceleration and top-class technology for electric powertrains that helps to spot themselves as a luxury brand.

Electric vehicles of the first volume, the ES8, were produced for the public on 16 December 2017, at NIO Day events and deliveries started on 28 June 2018. The ES8 is an all-aluminum alloy body with a 7-seater luxury SUV, with outstanding durability, versatility, and mobility. In December 2018, NIO officially introduced an ES6, a luxury electric SUV with a 5-seater capability, and in June 2019, initially delivered the ES6. NYSE NIO at are a leader in smart vehicle networking and self-employed Level 2.

NOMI is a voice-activated AI digital partner that can personalize your driving experience. It is one of the advanced in-car AI aids created by a Chinese corporation, and they provide the customers with broad value-added offerings and a comfortable and creative collection. Power Home, Power Switch, creative battery swap services, Power Cell, our Mobile Lading Service through Lading Camions, and Power Express, are provided by 24-hour on-demand pick-up, and drop-off charging services. Together, we agree that these solutions and resources build the whole vehicle-life experience.

Cars and mobile applications are distributed through a delivery network of their own. NYSE NIO Houses are not only showrooms for cars but clubs that provide many social features for customers. The mobile app encourages an innovative and interactive online forum. Among other active promotional events such as the annual NIO Day and the Formula E winners’ championship, the combined online and offline culture will maintain customer interaction and cultivate loyalty to the brand.

NIO provides a stock of millions.

The business must start from a low level to be one million-manufacturer stock. NIO traded with a market capitalization of almost 3 billion dollars on a single share at just 2,94 dollars per share until last April. In February 2021, the market capitalization reached up to 100 trillion dollars. At present, it is worth 63.4 billion dollars. Last year’s stock was recorded more than 11 times. Although the NYSE NIO stock holds good returns, its path to returns is in multiples of ten times is likely now short. You can check more stocks like amex asxc at