A trading platform is the one which act as an intermediate between the traders and investors by monitoring their personal accounts. In addition to monitoring trading platform perform so other actions like news feed, real time quotes, charting tools, premium research etc., Coming to the types of platforms there are two types are available;

  • Prop trading platform.
  • Commercial trading platform.

Group 500 is one such platform with many features like multiple instruments, many banking options, high level security and best customer service. Also it supports both prop and commercial types of trading based on the customers.

Prop trading platform: In Group-500 prop trading platform concentrate only on specific requirements and support some trading style. So this type of trading platform will not be comfortable for all the traders. In a simple words prop platform is called as customized trading platform.

Commercial trading platform: This is one kind where it concentrates on day traders or real investors. This type of trading creates its uniqueness with its features like easy usages, provides trading educational packages, news feeds and charts. Most of the traders prefer commercial trading than prop trading for the flexibility.

Advantages of using group 500:

Most of the best trading platform acquires common advantages, here are the few;

  • Group 500 offer the best feature called algo trading. This will be very useful for making quick trading.
  • The brokerage fees will be very low and there won’t be any additional charges for performing basic operations like deposit, withdrawal etc.,
  • They conduct some educational packages regarding the trading with the help of some experts.
  • Maintain a high level security and provide best customer services all the time.
  • They keep all the data of the customer very confidentially. So the client can sit back and relax by doing trading perfectly.