LMM - Loving Male Models

LMM - Loving Male Models

FAQ (Read this before asking any question)

Please read this before asking any question, I won’t answer questions that have already been answered in this F.A.Q

1- “Which models you know that are gay?”

Max Emerson, Mat Gordon, Miles McMillan, Chris Fawcett, Johan Akan, Nikola Jovanovic, Quincy Currie, Scott Gardner, Saville Dorfman, Diogo Castro Gomes, Cesar Casier, Sky Sheridan, Paul Francis, Colby Melvin, Collin Smith, Levi Poulter, Nicolas Ripoll, Juan Manuel Arancibia, Luis Borges, Marcos Fecchino, Nick Snider, Mitch Baker, Loammi Goetghebeur, Matthieu Charneau, Matt Merrell, Andre Condit, Frankie Mentier, Pluk Kersten, Max Cocking, Laurie Belgrave, Jessy Delduca, Yarden Gal-Yam. However, the meaning of this tumblr is to post pictures and talk about their career, their sexuality doesn’t matter

2- “Is he gay?”

The only models i know for sure that are gay are answered at the first question

3- “Can you post a picture of his girlfriend?” 

No, i only post personal pictures of the model alone or with another model, you will never see any picture of girlfriend or a simply friend here

4- “Can you send me his fb profile?”

Absolutely not, we have to respect their privacy. However, if you’re in doubt with some profile (if it’s fake or not) i’ll be pleased to answer you that

5- “Can i submit a picture of a guy?”

If he’s a model, you should totally do it, but you have to put his name and he must have an agency

6- “Who is your favorite model?

I have a top 3 with no order between them: Mathias Lauridsen, Clint Mauro and Parker Hurley. But i’m currently obsessed with Nils Butler. 

7- “Who’s the person of your avatar?”

Clint Mauro

8- “Can you promote/follow/check my blog?”

I don’t do promos, unless you’re a real model or photographer 

9- “Do you know if there’s a female version of this blog?”

Not that i’m aware of

10- “Who are you?”

Isabella, 21, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

PS: If you’re a model (or the owner of a picture taken from your facebook) and you want a picture removed, contact me through info@lovingmalemodels.net